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Cookies / Crackers

Gjende Original Cookies ( Kjeks) 220 grams

kr 55.60 

Freia Melkesjokolade / Milk chocolate cookies 184 gram (kjeks)

kr 79.90 

Kaptein biscuit 200 gram (kjeks)

kr 39.63 

Ballerina nougat biscuit 190 gram (kjeks)

kr 49.93 

Sætre Kornmo biscuit (Kornmo kjeks) 225 grams

kr 49.90 

Marie biscuit 200 gram (kjeks)

kr 27.95 

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Berlin wreath 300g (Berlinerkranser)

kr 23.40  kr 78.00

watch_later Sold Out

Serinakaker 320g (Serinakaker)

kr 23.97  kr 79.90

watch_later Sold Out

Berthas Gingerbread figures 400 grams (Pepperkakefigurer)

kr 23.40  kr 78.00

local_offer Save kr 25.83

Berthas gingerbread cookies 300 grams (Pepperkaker)

kr 11.07  kr 36.90

local_offer Save kr 50.40

Berthas Choco gingerbread cookies 300 grams (Sjokopepperkaker)

kr 21.60  kr 72.00

Cartoonies chocolate biscuits (sjokoladekjeks) 150 grams

kr 78.85 

watch_later Sold Out

Kokostopper with chocolate 350g (Kokostopper m/sjokolade) Gluten free

kr 23.70  kr 79.00

watch_later Sold Out

Berthas Havreflarn Oat cookies 300 grams

kr 20.10  kr 67.00

watch_later Sold Out

Berthas Bertil gingerbread cookies 350 grams (Pepperkaker)

kr 23.40  kr 78.00

Sætre Gold Wafers (Gull vaffler) 250 grams

kr 74.90 

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