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Norwegian products that no longer are in production Norwegian Foodstore

Norwegian products that no longer are in production


Nidar Krembanan

Nidar Krembanan was a delightful treat that hailed from Norway. This confectionery masterpiece consists of a smooth, creamy banana-flavored center enrobed in rich milk chocolate. With its luscious combination of flavors, Nidar Krembanan captivates the taste buds and leaves a lasting impression. Whether enjoyed as a personal indulgence or shared with friends and family, this delectable delight from Nidar promises a moment of pure bliss and a taste of tropical sweetness.

Out of production: 2019


Freia Lohengrin

Freia Lohengrin is an iconic Norwegian chocolate that has delighted generations of chocolate lovers. Its velvety smooth milk chocolate base, infused with almond nougat and roasted hazelnuts, creates a harmonious symphony of flavors. From its enchanting name inspired by myth and legend to its timeless taste, Freia Lohengrin embodies the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Norwegian confectionery. Whether savored as a personal treat or given as a gift, Freia Lohengrin promises a moment of pure indulgence and a taste of chocolate excellence.

Out of production: 2019 


Stratos Brownie Heaven


Stratos Brownie Heaven Chocolate was a decadent treat that combined rich, fudgy brownies with a heavenly chocolate flavor.It had an irresistible blend of moistness and intense cocoa goodness, creating a delightful experience for chocolate lovers seeking a slice of heaven in each bite.

Out of production: 2022

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