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Vitamin / Supplement

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Biopharma Seal Oil - 120 capsules (Greenland bred seal)

kr 150.00  kr 250.00

Sana-sol vitamin mixture no sugar 500ml

kr 158.73 

Møllers cod liver oil natural flavour 500ml (Tran naturell)

kr 239.00 

Møllers cod liver oil lemon flavour 500ml (Tran sitronsmak)

kr 269.00 

Biopharma Tripple Omega-3 - 144 capsules

kr 176.20 

Møllers Original cod liver oil omega-3 112 capsules

kr 179.83 

Vitamin bears (Vitaminbjørner) 60 pcs

kr 164.23 

Biopharma Trippel Omega 3 for Women Vanilla 120 Capsules

kr 208.20 

Møllers Cod Liver Oil Apple Flavour ( Eplesmak) 250 ml

kr 194.50 

Biopharma Chewable Omega 3 for Children tutti frutti ( tyggetabeletter) 120 pices

kr 189.40 

Möller’s Omega-3 Jello Fishes Tutti Frutti( Gelefisker fruktsmak) 45 fishes

kr 207.30 

Møllers cod liver oil natural flavour 250ml (Tran naturell)

kr 189.60 

watch_later Sold Out

Expiration Sale! Biopharma Seal Oil - 120 capsules (Greenland bred seal)

kr 100.00  kr 250.00

Møllers cod liver oil fruit flavour 250ml (Tran fruktsmak)

kr 197.40 

EasyTran syringe for giving tran & liquids to baby (Doseringssprøyte)

kr 117.00 

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