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Wasa Frukost Crispbread 240 grams (Knekkebrød)

kr 37.73 

Wasa Havre Crispbread 300 grams (Knekkebrød)

kr 45.43 

Wasa Husman Crispbread 260 grams (Knekkebrød)

kr 29.93 

Rugsprø Crispbread 200 gram (Knekkebrød)

kr 36.93 

Synnøve Crispbread Sesame and Flax seed (Grovkrisp) 170gr

kr 69.80 

Wasa Kavring / Skorper 350 grams

kr 69.90 

Wasa Crispbread Gluten and Lactose Free (240 grams)

kr 78.50 

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