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Heat notice

Dear customers

We wish to inform you, especially in the summer season about the risk of ordering products like, chocolate, brown cheese and other products that can be sensitive to high temperature.

1. We always ship products without refrigeration. Please be aware of this when ordering

2. We do not recommend ordering products that are sensitive to high or low temperatures – if you live in an hot or cold location. Most products are ment to be stored in 18 – 22 celicius (68 – 71 fahrenheit). Norwegian Foodstore is not responsible for products melted or otherwise damaged by heat or cold, outside the temperature range stated. This is on risk of the customer when ordering.

3. If you still proceed to buy a product that can be shipped at room temperature, but otherwise is in need of refrigeration, such as brown cheese, mayonnaise and cheese in a tube, cool products down completely before consuming and keep refrigerated. 

4. Please do not have packages left outside your house – we cannot replace packages that are stolen or damaged due to have been left without supervision in heat or cold.

If you are unsure about the products quality before or after recieving it - or have any questions, contact our support team by clicking here.

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