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Drinks - Saft (Juice)

Lerum Blackcurrant sirup 7.5 dl concentrate (Solbærsirup / Solbærsaft)

kr 76.88 

Lerum mixed berries & fruit concentrate 0,9 L (Husholdningsaft)

kr 89.58 

Fun light Fruit 0,8 L concentrate (Fruktfest saft)

kr 78.08 

Fun Light Raspberry 0,8 L concentrate (Bringebær saft)

kr 87.08 

watch_later Sold Out

Fun Light Christmas drink (Julebrus saft) 0.8l

kr 69.40 

Lerum Apple & pear 0,9 L concentrate (Eple og pære saft)

kr 109.80 

watch_later Sold Out

Lerum Orange 0,9 L concentrate (Appelsin saft/lemonade)

kr 102.80 

watch_later Sold Out

ZeroOh! Taste of Brown Christmas soda ( Brun Julebrus saft) 0.8 litre

kr 20.97  kr 69.90

Lerum Blueberry saft 7 dl concentrate (Blåbærsaft)

kr 115.80 

Fun light Orange 0,8 L concentrate (Appelsin saft)

kr 83.08 

Gift box 2 pack Apple&Ginger and Apple&Aronia juice 2x0,75L

kr 329.90 

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