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Gilde Pinnekj√łtt salted / non-smoked cured lamb (Ur√łkt) 1 kg

kr 399.00 

Vossaf√•r sausage 140 gram (F√•rep√łlse)

kr 99.33 

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Gilde Pinnekj√łtt salted / smoked cured lamb (R√łkt) 1 kg

kr 399.00 

Stranda cured sheep meat 100 gram (Fenalår)

kr 119.33 

Grilstad Jubelsalami 100 gram

kr 69.90 

Stranda Sausage Snacks 120 gram (Stranda m√łr Snacks)

kr 77.33 

Stranda cured ham 120 gram (Spekeskinke)

kr 123.73 

Grilstad Reindeer sausage (Reinsdyr spekep√łlse) 220 grams

kr 159.90 

watch_later Sold Out

Vossakj√łtt Pinnekj√łtt salted / non-smoked cured lamb ca 1,8 kg (+/- 15%)

kr 999.90 

watch_later Sold Out

Vossakj√łtt Smoked Pinnekj√łtt Eldhusr√łkt Ca1.8 kg (+/- 15%)

kr 999.90 

Grilstad Svartp√łlse (spekep√łlse) 100 grams

kr 69.80 

Grilstad Red wine sausage (r√łdvinsp√łlse) 220 grams

kr 118.80 

watch_later Sold Out

Pinnekj√łtt of lamb neck 1.7 kgs (Lammebog) ca 1,7 kg (+/- 15%)

kr 798.00 

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