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Chocolate / Candy

Freia Milk chocolate 200 gram (Melkesjokolade)

kr 82.00 

Freia Milk chocolate with hazelnuts 200 gram (Firkl√łver)

kr 82.00 

Nidar Laban seigmenn candy 150 gram

kr 79.90 

Nidar Smash chocolate covered snacks 200 gram

kr 89.90 

Freia milk chocolate with Kvikk lunch 200 gram (Melkesjokolade Kvikk Lunsj)

kr 82.00 

Stratos chocolate 150 gram

kr 81.90 

Freia Milkhearts milk chocolate hearts 130 grams (Melkehjerter)

kr 89.00 

Nidar Skipper liquorice boats 200 grams (Lakrisbåter)

kr 94.90 

Nidar Troika dark chocolate bar 66 grams

kr 38.00 

Nidar Bamsemums chocolate covered "foam bears" 220 gram

kr 93.90 

watch_later Sold Out

Nidar Marzipan pig 65 grams (Marsipangris)

kr 52.00 

Freia Non-Stop chocolate bites original 180 grams

kr 73.90 

Freia Melkerull milk chocolate 74 gram

kr 39.90 

Nidar favourites Troika mixed candy 300 gram (Favoritter Troika)

kr 101.90 

Malaco Salt sild liquorice 100 grams

kr 64.90 

watch_later Sold Out

Nidar Christmas Favorites (Jule favoritter) 340 grams

kr 116.90 

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