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Canned Food

Stabburet Liver pate 100 gram (Leverpostei)

kr 26.00 

Stabburet Mackerel in tomato sauce 170 gram (Makrell i tomat)

kr 39.00 

Vesteraalens Fishballs 550 gram (Fiskeboller)

kr 74.43 

Stabburet liver pate portion 6x22 grams (Leverpostei porsjon)

kr 56.90 

Vilti (Joika) 500 gram (Joikakaker)

kr 79.90 

Stabburet mackarel in tomato sauce 6x22gram (Stabburet makrell i tomat)

kr 72.83 

Stabbur Mackerel in tomato sauce 110 gram (Makrell i tomat)

kr 33.05 

SvolvĂŠr liver pate 100 gram (SvolvĂŠrpostei)

kr 43.15 

Real Honey 350 grams (Ekte honning - Honningcentralen)

kr 156.93 

Stabburet Coarser Liverpate (grovere Leverpostei) 100 grams

kr 42.90 

Trondhjems Lapskaus Brown canned dinner 800 grams (Brun Lapskaus)

kr 89.63 

Lofoten Mackerel in tomato sauce ( makrell i tomat) 110 grams

kr 39.90 

Beetroot in brine 580 grams (RĂždbeter)

kr 47.30 

King Oscar Cod Roe (Torske Rogn) 200 gram

kr 69.90 

Nora Pickled Cucumber slices (sylteagurk) 580 grams

kr 47.80 

Trondhjems Sodd canned dinner 800 grams

kr 91.55 

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