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Nidar Laban seigmenn candy 150 gram

kr 79.90 

Nidar Skipper liquorice boats 200 grams (Lakrisbåter)

kr 94.90 

watch_later Sold Out

Nidar Marzipan pig 65 grams (Marsipangris)

kr 52.00 

Fazer Tyrkish Pepper 120 grams (Tyrkisk Pepper)

kr 69.90 

watch_later Sold Out

Nidar Marzipan sticks small 150 grams (Småstenger)

kr 26.70  kr 89.00

watch_later Sold Out

Nidar Marzipan pig chocolate 65 grams (Marsipangris sjokolade)

kr 15.60  kr 52.00

Nidars IFA Salty Liquorice (Salt lakris) 34 grams

kr 23.90 

biler bilar candy snop godis godteri

Ahlgrens cars candy 160 gram (Biler)

kr 59.90 

watch_later Sold Out

Christmas mix 164g (Julemiks)

kr 94.90 

Brynild Supermix sour mixed candy 230 gram (Sur)

kr 99.90 

Nidar Sm√łrbukk caramels 150 grams

kr 89.90 

watch_later Sold Out

Laban santa party 350g (Nissefest)

kr 26.07  kr 86.90

Lutti Crocodiles 130 gram (Krokodiller)

kr 85.90 

Malaco Fox lemon caramel 14,5 grams

kr 11.20 

watch_later Sold Out

Santa buddies 120g (Nissekompiser)

kr 72.90 

watch_later Sold Out

Christmas figures 140g (Julefigerer)

kr 61.90 

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