Tyrkisk Peber is a salty liquorice sweet created in Denmark in 1977. In Finland, it has been produced by Fazer since the 1990s. It continues to be a widely popular sweet across the Nordic countries.


The strenghts is communicated on three scaled flame scale. Three flames for the more experienced salmiack eaters, one flame for those who are just beginners! You can choose a variant that suits your taste – or try them all.

Tyrkisk Peber takes the liquorice experience one step further with surprising new flavours and products. It is not for the faint of palate – fortunately, it comes in many variants, including milder ones. Its hard shell conceals a surprise: the breathtakingly peppery filling explodes in the mouth like a shell red from the gun of a pirate ship!


Sugar, glucose syrup, ammonium chloride (ammonia), licorice extract, salt, aroma, vegetable oil (rapeseed), color (e153). Nutritional content per 100 grams Energy: 1528 kj Calories: 364 kcal Fat: 0.5 g Saturated fat: 0 g Carbohydrates: 89 g Sugars: 72 g Protein: 0.5 g Salt: 1.6 g



Fazer Tyrkish Pepper 120 grams (Tyrkisk Pepper)

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