Biopharma Tripple Omega-3 - 144 capsules

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Biopharma Triple Omega-3 is good for you who want a healthier everyday life. Biopharma Triple Omega-3 contains vitamin D and the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA which together are good for the heart and immune system. The beneficial effect is achieved by a daily intake of 250 mg of EPA and DHA. The recommended daily dose of Biopharma Triple Omega-3 provides an intake of 550 mg EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA contribute to the normal functioning of the heart. Vitamin D contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. Biopharma Triple Omega-3 contains oil from wild fish caught in South America, of the species anchovies, mackerel and sardines. Pharmatech AS uses fish oil from partners that satisfy the requirements for responsible utilization of marine resources, and is particularly concerned with purchasing fish oil from sustainable stocks, where the fish oil must be clean and stable. Only fish oil from refineries that are EU-approved is used, and our customers can be sure that the oil used in our products is of high quality, and that the content of the active ingredients is in accordance with the declaration. Pharmatech AS is certified by Friend of the Sea, a non-governmental organization with the aim of preserving the marine environment and its resources. The fish oil in Biopharma Triple Omega-3 is from sustainable fishing that is strictly regulated with the best interests of the fish stock in mind.


Fish oil concentrate (72%), gelatin (pork), consistency preservative (glycerol), DL-alpha- tocopherol, cholecalciferol, retinyl palmitate. The beneficial effect is achieved by a daily intake of 250 mg of EPA and DHA. Does not contain gluten.


Fish oil 1000 mg Of which: Omega-3 650 mg - EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 330 mg - DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 220 mg Vitamin A 250 μg (31 *) Vitamin D 20 μg (400 *) Vitamin E 10 mg (83 *)

* of reference intake

RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE: 2 capsules. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Not recommended for children under 3 years. Keep out of reach of children.