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Norwegian Easter

By Line Kristiansen March 13, 2023 0 comments

Easter in Norway today means Easter holiday, and it is a distinctive Norwegian tradition that many of us go to the mountains to sunbathe, go skiing and enjoy the last of winter. Kvikklunsj, Solo, oranges and sunscreen are a must.
Easter in Norway is a public holiday, which means that most workplaces
are closed, and all students have time off from school most of the easter week, starting with Palm Sunday.

Easter in Norway

Påskekrim (easter crime fiction) is a peculiarly Norwegian phenomenon where crime stories in various genres are linked closely to Easter. Crime fiction is published and is especially marketed before Easter. TV channels, radio channels and streaming services broadcast crime series. The newspapers report and recommend crime ficiton in various genres, and most importantly, crime mysteries are solved in cartoons and on milk cartons.

Easter is the time for lamb here in Norway, and many people serve leg of lamb or steak, and some even make the last of the seasons pinnekjøtt. Leg of lamb should be slow roasted in the oven together with garlic and rosemary, and served with potatoes au gratin.

In the stores you can find easter eggs, easter candy, and a lot of daffodils. 

Here in Norway, we have a lot of traditions for Easter eggs. Easter eggs can be several things, such as boiled eggs that are eaten on Easter morning with or without decorated shells. Painted eggshells can also be used for decoration and are also called Easter eggs.

Other forms of Easter eggs are candies and chocolate shaped like eggs, or eggs made of cardboard, plastic or metal that are used as packaging for sweets. It is common for the children to receive Easter eggs filled with treats that the adults hide the children to find on easter morning.

Another Norwegian tradition during Easter is "The Gathering", which is  held every year in Hamar, all easter long. This is a giant gathering of kids and young adults aged 15-25 years old in a large sports hall called Vikingskipet (the Viking ship). Here they game, do all things computer, cosplay and get friends for life.  

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