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Norwegian Cured Meat: A Culinary Delight Norwegian Foodstore

Norwegian Cured Meat: A Culinary Delight

Norwegian cuisine is known for its fresh seafood, hearty stews, and delicious cured meats. Among these cured meats, the most famous is without a doubt the Norwegian fenalår. This type of meat has a long history in Norwegian culture and is still popular today. In this blog post, we will explore the origins of Norwegian cured meat, its unique flavor profile, and how it is used in traditional Norwegian dishes.

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Origins of Norwegian Cured Meat

Norwegian cured meat, or "fenalår" in Norwegian, has been a staple of Norwegian cuisine for centuries. The practice of curing meat dates back to the Viking Age, when meat was preserved in salt to keep it from spoiling during long voyages at sea. Over time, Norwegians developed their own unique method of curing meat, which involves a dry-curing process using a mixture of salt, sugar, and spices. 


The process of making Norwegian cured meat is a labor-intensive one, taking several weeks to complete. First, the meat is salted and then left to rest for a few days. The excess salt is then removed, and the meat is rubbed with a mixture of sugar and spices, which can include juniper berries, black pepper, and garlic. The meat is then left to hang in a cool, dry place for several weeks to allow the flavors to develop and the meat to dry out.

Flavor Profile

The flavor of Norwegian cured meat is distinctive and complex. The salt and sugar used in the curing process give the meat a slightly sweet and salty taste, while the spices used in the rub give it a warm, earthy flavor. The meat itself is lean and has a firm texture, making it perfect for slicing thinly.

Norwegian cured meat is typically made from lamb or mutton, but it can also be made from other meats such as beef or pork. Lamb and mutton are preferred due to their mild flavor and tender texture, which lend themselves well to the curing process.

Uses in Traditional Norwegian Dishes

Norwegian cured meat is a versatile ingredient that is used in many traditional Norwegian dishes. One of the most popular is "fenalår og poteter", which consists of thinly sliced cured meat served with boiled potatoes, lingonberry jam, and a creamy sauce made from sour cream, mayonnaise, and mustard. Another popular dish is "rømmegrøt med spekemat", which is a creamy porridge made from sour cream and flour, served with sliced cured meat and boiled potatoes.

Norwegian cured meat is also a popular snack, often served as an appetizer with cheese and crackers, or as a sandwich filling. It can be found in many Norwegian delis and specialty food shops, and is exported to other countries as well.

In conclusion, Norwegian cured meat is a beloved and important part of Norwegian cuisine. Its unique flavor and texture make it a versatile ingredient in many traditional dishes, and its long history in Norwegian culture is a testament to its enduring popularity. If you have the opportunity to try Norwegian cured meat, be sure to savor its rich and complex flavor profile.

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