King Oscar

King Oscar Mackerel Filet in tomato sauce (makrell filet i tomat saus) 110 grams

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Mackerel fillet of the best quality - completely without skin. The sauce is made from delicious, sun-ripened tomatoes that give a lot of flavor. Ready to enjoy!


Skinless mackerel fillet, water, tomato paste, rapeseed oil, sugar, salt, tapioca flour, wheat fiber, citric acid, paprika aroma, chili pepper

Nutritional content
Energy kcal 228.00
Energy kilojoule 947.00
Fat 18.00
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 3.60
Carbohydrates 3.50
Dietary fiber 0.00
Saturated fatty acids 3.80
Polyols 0.00
Protein 13.00
Salt 1.00
Starch 0.00
Sugar 3.50