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Mini pigs 140g (SmĂĄgriser)

kr 22.47  kr 74.90

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Cloetta Christmas Foam (Juleskum) 200 grams

kr 68.90 

Toro Porridge 258 grams (Risengrøt / Risgrøt)

kr 47.93 

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Hamar Christmas Soda 0,5 L (Julebrus)

kr 15.60  kr 52.00

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Nidar Christmas snow sticks 150 grams (Jule Snøstenger)

kr 28.17  kr 93.90

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Grans Christmas Soda 1.5L (Julebrus)

kr 23.70  kr 79.00

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Non stop christmas milk chocolate 180g

kr 65.90 

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Christmas candy mix 280g (Julemix)

kr 86.90 

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Berthas gingerbread cookies 300 grams (Pepperkaker)

kr 11.07  kr 36.90

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Hansa Christmas Soda Can 0,33L (Julebrus)

kr 10.77  kr 35.90

Odense cake dough (Kransekakemasse) 400 grams

kr 115.26 

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Minde Julesjokkis (Christmas Chocolate) 290 grams

kr 34.59  kr 115.30

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Nidar Marzipan pig 193 grams (Stor Marsipangris / Julegris)

kr 47.97  kr 159.90

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Eldorado Mulled Wine Mix ( gløggmix) 175 grams

kr 32.50 

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Freia Christmas Balls (julekuler) 150 grams

kr 101.90 

local_offer Save kr 48.93

Dahls Christmas Soda 1,5L (Julebrus)

kr 20.97  kr 69.90

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