TINE Heidal is a brunost who has received extra browning. The color is dark and the taste powerful, with hints of a burnt, tart character.

Note: The product is recommended refrigerated between 0 - 4 celsius. It will be shipped without refrigeration, as the manufacturer states that the product, can be stored in room temperature in shorter periodes. Please remember to put the product in the refridgerator when shipment arrives.


whey, pasteurized goat's milk (144 g to 100 g pre-fat), pasteurized cream, pasteurized milk

Nutritional content per 100g 100 g of war provides approx.: energy 1884 kJ (452 kcal), fat 29 g, -of which saturated fatty acids 19 g, carbohydrate 37 g, -of which sugars 27 g, protein 11 g, salt 0.8 g, vitamin A 275 μg (34 %'), riboflavin 1.06 mg (76%'), pantotic acid 1.7 mg (29%') , potassium 1325 mg (66%'), calcium 549 mg (69%'), phosphorus 550 mg (79%'), magnesium 82 mg (22%'), selenium 10 μg (19%'), molybdenum 18 μg (35%'), iodine 174 μg (116%') ' of the salt content reference value calculated from the milk's natural sodium content


Heidal Brown Cheese 1kg (Brunost)

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