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Mills Smoked Cod Roe (Norwegian Kaviar) 185 gram

kr 42.20 

Freia Milk chocolate 200 gram (Melkesjokolade)

kr 82.00 

Stabburet Liver pate 100 gram (Leverpostei)

kr 26.00 

Kvikk Lunsj bisquit and chocolate 3 x 47 gram

kr 70.00 

Tine Brown cheese 1 kg (Brunost - Gudbrandsdalsost)

kr 169.00 

Stabburet Mackerel in tomato sauce 170 gram (Makrell i tomat)

kr 39.00 

Freia Milk chocolate with hazelnuts 200 gram (Firkl√łver)

kr 82.00 

Nidar Laban seigmenn candy 150 gram

kr 79.90 

Nidar Smash chocolate covered snacks 200 gram

kr 89.90 

First Price Lomper (10 pk)

kr 25.00 

Tine Brown cheese 1 kg (Brunost - Fl√łtemysost)

kr 179.00 

Freia milk chocolate with Kvikk lunch 200 gram (Melkesjokolade Kvikk Lunsj)

kr 82.00 

Gilde Pinnekj√łtt salted / non-smoked cured lamb (Ur√łkt) 1 kg

kr 399.00 

Kavli Baconcheese 175 gram (Baconost)

kr 66.83 

Mills Mayonnaise (Majones) 160 gram

kr 61.90 

Tine Brown cheese 500 gram (Brunost ‚Äď Gudbrandsdalsost G35)

kr 116.83 

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