TORO Brownies is a juicy and soft chocolate cake with a wonderful taste of chocolate. The cake is tough in the middle and has a slightly crisp surface. TORO Brownies are often served in pieces of cake with a melancholy over. TORO Brownies gives approx. 12 pieces of cake.
Standard cooking

1.Set the oven on hot air 165 ° C (or over and under heat 175 ° C).
2.Read 1 egg, 1 dl water and 100 g melted margarine / butter or 1 dl liquid margarine. Mix the bag contents and stir for a smooth stir.
3.Heat the tube in a lubricated shape 20 x 30 cm (possibly a spring shape with diameter 24-26 cm). Distribute the pipe evenly into the mold.
4.Step on the middle shelf for 25-30 minutes, (at spring size diameter 24 cm, fry for 30-35 minutes).
NB! Cool the cake in the mold before it is divided into small squares. The cake should be tough in the middle and have a slightly crisp surface.
TIP! Sprinkle a thin layer of flour over the cake.

ingredients Sugar, wheat flour, fat-reduced cocoa, rapeseed oil, herbicide (calcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate), coffee, salt, vanillin,
Allergists can respond to: wheat flour
allergens  Contains gluten.

Nutritional content per. 100g / ml
Energy 1640 kJ / 390 kcal
Fat 12.80 g
- saturated fatty acids 3.80 g
carbohydrates 63 g
- sugars 47.90 g
dietary Fiber 2.20 g
protein 4.60 g
Salt 0.50 g


Toro brownies mix 552 grams

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