Skjenning - a party flatbread! A sweet flatbread in a triangular size. A delicacy. Lay the shiny side down against the tongue, and enjoy the taste!

Traditionally served with Sodd and ginger ale, a traditional food from the north of Norway.

Sodd and skjenning have for many generations been served as party food in Innherred, both in sorrow and joy.
According to tradition, the dish was not to be presented on the table, but sent around after the sodd had been served.
This was important, as the skjenning tends to curl when it attracts moist air.

Skjenning can also be served with other good food, or just used as a coffee treat.



Oatmeal, potato granules (contains E221), barley flour, rye sieve, wheat flour, milk, sugar, salt


Pr 100 grams

Energy KJ 1578
Energy kcal 361
Fat 4.1
Saturated fat 1.5
Carbohydrates 72
Sugars 19
Dietary fiber 4.4
Protein 9.6
Salt 0.3





Skjenning Røra 300 gr (Flatbread)

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