Sfinx mixed chocolates 380 gram (Konfekt)

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Delicious Norwegian chocolate with different fillings. A typical thing for a Norwegian to bring to somebody who needs a cheering up, or just spreading the love.


Sugar, Powdered milk, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, glucose syrup, (wheat), almonds, veg. Fat, (sunflower), condensed condensed milk, moisture bev (sorbitol, butter, hazelnuts, invert sugar, emulg (soyalecitin, e471, e476), cocoa powder, corn flakes, acid (citric acid), preservative e202, salt, dye (e160a, e160e) and aroma (including vanillin, ethylvanillin, madeira, rum, coffee, orange)


Nutritional content per 100 grams

Energy: 2010 kj Calories: 480 kcal Fat: 25 g Saturated fat: 14 g Carbohydrates: 58 g Sugar species: 51 g Protein: 5.8 g Salt: 0 g