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Sætre Snackers salt crackers (Kjeks) 120 grams

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Sætre Snackers are oven-baked round saltine crackers with golden air bubbles and an extra crunchy texture. With spices on both sides, the biscuit is so good that it can be eaten straight from the box.

Perfect with cheese.

Wheat flour, sunflower oil, wheat starch, corn starch, sugar, sourdough powder (wheat), barley malt extract, salt, aromas, barley malt, raising agents (yeast, ammonium bicarbonate).

Nutritional content
Energy kcal 510.00
Energy kilojoule 2120.00
Fat 25.00
Carbohydrates 63.00
Dietary fiber 1.70
Saturated fatty acids 2.20
Protein 5.90
Salt 1.40
Sugar 6.20