Light syrup (Lys sirup) 500 grams

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Syrup (sugar syrup) is made by mixing various by-products that arise from the production of white sugar from beet or cane sugar. Syrup is a tough solution consisting of sugar (sucrose), dextrose (glucose) and fructose (fructose). The combination of the different sugars prevents crystallization, while the very high sugar content of approx. 80% guarantees long shelf life.

Syrup is made in different qualities by mixing the different by-products in different ways, so that you get variations in color and taste. The color and taste come mainly from small amounts of mineral salt and other substances that are found naturally in the raw material, but sometimes salt must be added to create the right taste profile. Each quality is adapted to a specific area of ​​use. Syrup is especially useful for baking, but is also used in confectionery products, ice cream and desserts.

Measurements and weight: Syrup
1 dl = 140 g
1 tbsp = 20 g
1 tsp = 7 g

- Sugar-brown potatoes: The easiest way to make the brown potatoes is to melt a little syrup on the pan. When it is hot, you have the potatoes in. After a short time, they are beautifully light brown and ready to serve.



Syrup - Sugar

Nutritional content per 100 grams
Energy: 1428 kjCalories: 336 kcalFat: 0 gSaturated fat: 0 gCarbohydrates: 84 gSugar species: 84 g Starch: 0 g Dietary fiber: 0 gProtein: 0 gSalt: 0.1 g