This is THE norwegian baking chocolate. This is a powerful chocolate, which should be used when one really wants to bring out a distinct taste of dark chocolate. A favorite among many when the cake is to be enjoyed with a cup of aromatic coffee.


Cocoa mass *, sugar, cocoa butter *, reduced fat cocoa *, Milk fat, emulsifier (soy lecithin), aroma, powdered milk.

Nutritional content per 100 grams Energy: 2490 kj Calories: 600 kcal Fat: 46.5 g Saturated fat: 28.5 g Carbohydrates: 32.5 g Sugars: 28 g Dietary fiber: 11 g Protein: 7.3 g Salt: 0 g

Alergens: MILK SOYA

 May contain traces of: Gluten Nuts


Freia Dark chocolate 70% (Kokesjokolade)

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