Bønes Farm

Bønes Pinnekjøtt salted / non-smoked cured lamb ca 1,5 kg (+/- 15%)

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Gourmet Pinnekjøtt from the local manufacturer Bønes Farm from Bergen in Hordaland. Non-smoked pinnekjøtt.

Price is pr. package, avarage package is 1,5 kilos. Order the amount of packages you want . Be advised that the packages may contain 1,5 kg, +/- 15%.

Traditional, western Norwegian party food in unsmoked version.

Exquisite lamb sides brine salt and dry salt in the back. No unnecessary additives - here it is the original meat taste that applies. Let sit in water for 20-24 hours - change the water 1 -2 times during this period

Steam on a wire rack - preferably of birch sticks without bark - until the meat comes loose from the bones (3-4 hours).

When you lighten the lid, you feel the incomparable scent that has given westerners water in their mouths for hundreds of years. Make sure it does not boil dry - and feel free to use the broth as a sauce!


Norwegian meat. For 100g finished product it used 148 g lamb side, salt, dried.
 Added: Preservative E250.

Nutritional content
Energy kcal 452
Kilojoule energy 1876.00
Fat 37.00
Carbohydrates 0.00
Saturated fatty acids 17,40
Protein 29.80
Salt 6,0
Sugar 0.00