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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?

Shipping is weight based, so add all products you wish to shop and go to the cart. There you can calculate the shipping cost for your location, based on country and zip code.

How long does it take normally for my package to arrive?

DHL Express delivers your package normally within 4 business days worldwide to most locations, close to major cities. Shipping times estimates are also shown in the cart.
Note: if you order on a friday, your packages will at the earliest be shipped monday.

Is tax or customs included?

The products are sent with no tax and no duty paid. This because the rules are very different from country to country. Please be aware of the duties and or tax for your country, and pay the duties for your package. A customs fee from DHL may also apply.

Where do you ship to?

– We ship to all countries as a ground rule. Exceptions are we are not allowed to export to countries with an ongoing war or unstability, due to safety for our delivery partner.

Where do you ship from?

– We are located in Bergen, Norway – and we ship our outgoing packages with DHL Express with tracking.

When is my order shipped?

– We ship out orders 5 days a week (monday-friday) during our office hours in our timezone (CET +1). If you for example put in your order on a friday, your order will most likely be shipped monday. We will always do our best to send orders out as quickly as possible.

Are my credit card detail stored securly?

– Yes! We do not handle your credit / bank card detail, as this is handled by our payment partner Stripe in a secured and encrypted transaction, and not stored on our website.

Do i need an account to shop?

– Yes, you can shop without an account. If you do not have an account - one will be created after your first order automatically.

Do you have sales or coupons?

– Yes we have sales randomly – but normally not by coupons – Follow us on Facebook / Instagram and you will be notified when there is a sale.

Can i ask you to add a specific product?

– Yes, of course! Click here, to get in contact with us, and we will add the product as long as this is avaiable to us.

We can also supply you with other souvenirs, clothing and more. Please contact us and we will be at your service.

My products is damaged upon arrival

– We are very sorry if something is damaged under transport – Please contact us using our contact page, and remember to attach photos of the damages – and we will do our best to resolve the matter quickly.

Can i order items that are illegal in my country?

- Like in any other online store: It is the customer /recipient’s responsibility to declare any goods into their country, and to be aware of the regulations of import in the country of destination. We always write the contents of the goods and value on shipment declaration.

Customer must pay duty on products ordered.

If a product is stopped in customs as beeing an illegal product in that specific country, we will refund you for your products when/if your order is returned to us. Please be aware, if package is returned to us, due to customs regulations or failure to pay customs and duty, shipping is paid by customer, and will be deducted from refund. Shipping is non refundable.

Please be aware if customs seizes and/or destroys your shipment due to non permitted item for import, this is customsers liability. 

All communication with customs in destination country, must be handled by the recipient, as they legally are responsible for the import.

There is a problem with my order

– If there is anything wrong with your order, contact us immediately by writing to us before item is started packing/shipping. You will receive confirmation regarding your order.

If your order is already shipped, contact us via our contact page.

Didn’t you find an answer to your question – don’t worry. Please use our contact page to get in touch with us. We will be with you with an answer as soon as possible.

Bjørken Lomper 10 pack 260 grams
A customer purchased a 52 minutes ago from Moscow, Russian
Tind Bag - cured sausage moose & juniper berries 30...
A customer purchased a 20 minutes ago from London, Great Britain
Lofoten Dryfish snacks original 30 gram (Tørrfisk)
A customer purchased a 20 minutes ago from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Freia Milk chocolate with hazelnuts & coffee 200 gram (Firkløver...
A customer purchased a 2 minutes ago from Berlin, Germany
Mills Mayonnaise 100 grams (Majones)
A customer purchased a 10 minutes ago from Rome, Italy
Toro Vafler 591 gram (Wafflemix family size)
A customer purchased a 50 minutes ago from Madrid, Spain
Berthas Smultringer (Norwegian donuts) 12 pieces 400 grams
A customer purchased a 23 minutes ago from
Stratos chocolate familiy 160 gram (Sjokoladefamilien)
A customer purchased a 48 minutes ago from
Bjellands Fishballs 550 gram (Fiskeboller)
A customer purchased a 41 minutes ago from
Freia Daimrull milk chocolate 67 gram (Daimroll)
A customer purchased a 59 minutes ago from
Synnøve Fløtemys Brown cheese 480 gram (Brunost)
A customer purchased a 25 minutes ago from
Lofoten fish pate 100 gram (Lofotpostei)
A customer purchased a 51 minutes ago from
Skipper's licorice pipes 16 pack (Lakrispiper)
A customer purchased a 34 minutes ago from
Lofoten Dryfish crisp bites 30 gram (Tørrfisksnacks sprø biter)
A customer purchased a 18 minutes ago from
Tind cured marinated leg of lamb 80 gram (Speket lammelår)
A customer purchased a 44 minutes ago from
Polarbread wholegrain 12 pack 450 grams (Polarbrød fullkorn)
A customer purchased a 54 minutes ago from
Berthas brown cheese klenning 50 grams
A customer purchased a 54 minutes ago from
Tine Brown low-fat fløtemys cheese 500 gram (Brunost)
A customer purchased a 49 minutes ago from
Reale Lomper 10 pack 260 grams
A customer purchased a 51 minutes ago from