Toro vanilla muffins mix 331 grams (Lyse muffins)

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TORO Light Muffins can be made as small muffins for the children's company or large muffins for the friends visit. They taste great both with and without glaze. TORO Light Muffins are gluten free.
Standard cooking

1.Place the oven at 200 ° C (at hot air 190 ° C).
Mix together 1.5 dl water and 100 g melted butter or 1 dl liquid margarine. Mix with the bag's content.
3.Pass the batter into small or large cupcakes. The shapes are filled ¾ full.
4.Step on the middle groove. Small muffins approx. 12 minutes, big muffins 15-20 minutes.


ingredients Sugar, wheat starch (gluten free, <20 ppm gluten), egg, whole milk, rice flour flour (disodium diphosphate, sodium hydrogencarbonate, calcium phosphate), rapeseed oil, salt, vanillin, stabilizer (xanthan gum)
Allergists can respond to: wheat starch, egg, whole milk
allergens  Contains gluten, egg, milk.

Nutritional content per. 100g / ml
Energy 1686 kJ / 398 kcal
Fat 3.40 g
- saturated fatty acids 1.40 g
carbohydrates 86.20 g
- sugars 46.60 g
dietary Fiber 0.10 g
protein 5.40 g
Salt 0.60 g