Smurf pastiller 3-pack 61 gram

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Everyone likes the Smurfs, and guess if these delicious small candies have become a children's favorite! The pastilles have delicious fruit flavoring and on the back there are pictures of the Smurfs that the children can collect.

There are 3 flavors; it will be sent out random as there are different quantities of each flavour from the manufacturer.


Sugar, glucose syrup, gelatin, maize starch, acid (citric acid), (e270), flavorings, vegetable oil, soy lecithin, stabilizer (sorbitol syrup, gum arabic), emulsifier, surface treatment (carnauba wax), dye (e120, e120, e160, e160

May contain traces of: milk

Nutritional content per 100 grams
Energy: 1583 kj Calories: 380 kcal Fat: 3 g Saturated fat: 3 g Carbohydrates: 84 g Sugars: 42 g Protein: 2.7 g Salt: 0.1 g