Møllers cod liver oil natural flavour 250ml (Tran naturell)

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Møllers Tran contains a unique combination of natural omega-3 from fish and vitamins D, A and E. These are nutrients that are important for optimal development and help keep you healthy. Natural taste.


Tran dl-α-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E) natural tocopherols (antioxidant)

Allergens FISH

Nutritional content per 5 ml Vitamin D 10 (g (200% *) Vitamin A 250 µg (31% *) Vitamin E 10 mg (83% *) Omega-3 fatty acids 1.2 g - of which DHA 0.6 g - of which EPA 0 , 4 g


Recommended daily dose: 5ml (1 tablespoon) for children and adults. 2,5ml (1/2 tablespoon) for infants, gradually increasing to 5ml before the age of 6 months.

Storage: Keep the opened bottle cool (in refrigerator). Opened bottle should be consumed within 3 months for optimal freshness and taste.