Hoff Potatoflour 500 grams (Potetmel)

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Potato flour is made of potatoes that are crushed to a lot. The mass is washed in water. The water used in the rinsing process is left until the potato falls to the bottom. The water is poured off and then the potato is dried and becomes potato flour. Potato flour contains mainly starch, but also some protein.

Potato flour is used for cooking jam sauce and other foods that require a binder. Jews use potato flour in the Jewish easter to replace starch in cereal products, as they are not allowed to eat it during the holidays.

Potato flour has a number of good qualities and more specific utility values ​​in cooking. Potato flour is suitable for sugarcakes, as it absorbs and maintains moisture to a greater degree than wheat flour, and therefore makes a cake with a lighter texture.

The starch in the potato flour causes sauces, compots and pots to thicken. The potato flour also makes pancakes and waffles smothered because of the potato starch.

Potato flour binds moisture. Potato flour consists of many small starches, which have the ability to swallow in water. In order for the swelling to start, the starch cores must be destroyed, and heat or mechanical energy in combination with water is the most common method.

Potato flour is suitable for both cakes, desserts, soups and pies.

Potato flour is a completely gluten-free product and is therefore safe to serve gluten allergies, also called celiacs. Many people find that baking goods without gluten can be difficult to get solid and fine, but the starch in the potato flour makes the job a binder.

Potato flour can be used for more than cooking and often appears in the context of Old wives tale (Kjerringråd). Examples of this are that potato flour, among other things, will help on sore muscles and that potato flour can help with both acne and red wine stains.


Gluten-free natural product without additives, Starch (80%), Water (20%)

Nutritional content per. 100g / ml
Energy 1367 kJ / 326 kcal
Fat 0.30 g
- saturated fatty acids 0.20 g
carbohydrates 81 g
protein 0.10 g