When cooking or working in the kitchen, it can be difficult to remove fat and odors from your hands. Sunlight Kitchen Hand Soap contains ingredients that have the ability to cover unpleasant odors and leave your hands clean.

The first real brand in the world was Sunlight soap. It was launched in England by William Hesketh Lever. Sunlight was a softer soap that foamed more and more easily dissolved than any of the other soaps on the market at that time. While the soap at that time was sold to the shops in rods, and the customer got its piece cut to the desired weight, Sunlight got a distinctive packing and standard weight. In this way, customers could recognize the Sunlight soap, and with each purchase get the same item. It was advertised for Sunlight in the media that existed at that time, and the purity of the soap was guaranteed with 1,000 pounds - at that time a fantastic amount of money. This way of marketing a product gave an adventurous success in an increasing number of countries. Sunlight came to Norway in the 1920s, and here too there was success. In 1931, Orkla took over Home & Personal Care (then Lilleborg) the production and rights to the Sunlight name in Norway, and Sunlight has been the leading household soap for over 80 years. The use of the sunlight soap has always been wide. Faithful users still swear to the traditional Sunlight soap bar for washing, cleaning and laundry. For many, Sunlight soap is probably associated with holiday trips in the cabin or in the boat. In 1968, floating Sunlight hand washing came with a comfortable lemon scent and a pH value near the skin's own. Sunlight hand dishwashing is gentle on your hands while providing a shiny clean dish. Sunlight hand dishwashing is Nordic Ecolabelled. The latest addition to the Sunlight family is Sunlight kitchen soap that effectively removes unpleasant odors from the hands after cooking. It is mild and gentle and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.


Sunlight Handwash kitchen 300 ml

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