Sørlandschips wafflechips Sweet chili 180 gram

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A delicious kettle-cooked crispy potatochips, shaped like a waffle, with flavour of sweet chili



ingredients Potatoes with peel, peanut oil, spice mixture (whey powder, salt, milk powder, onion powder, shalot, flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), sugar, aroma, garlic powder, acidity regulator (citric acid), herbs, sunflower oil).
Allergists can respond to: Peanut oil, whey powder, milk powder
allergens  Contains peanuts, milk.

Nutritional content per 100g / ml
Energy 2087 kJ / 499 kcal
Fat 26 g
- saturated fatty acids 4.70 g
- unsaturated fatty acids 15.20 g
- polyunsaturated fatty acids 6.10 g
carbohydrates 57 g
- sugars 2.80 g
protein 6 g
Salt 1.10 g