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Norwegian Foodstore offers wholesale of Norwegian food and supplies to businesses (B2B) worldwide.

Business clients will be given discounts based on their individual order as well as their annual order amount. 

There are 2 ways to get discounted prices from Norwegian Foodstore

1. Minimum order to get discounts in our store, is an order of minimum 7.000 NOK product value. To get a bonus - additional store discounts following year -  you must annually purchase a minimum of approx 10.000 USD (100.000 NOK) - excluding shipping.

2. Any Wholesale customer can ask for a quote for a shipment smaller or bigger than 10.000 USD (100.000 NOK). The wholesale customer must buy full boxes of products (can't be split up), and the shipment must be on a pallet.
We can set up transport for you, or wholesale clients are also welcome to organize shipment of the goods, with pickup at our warehouse. 

If you need any further documentation other than a commercial invoice, other fees may be added. This must be organized before shipment is sent!

Who can apply for wholesale?

To be eligible for a wholesale solution you must:
- Be a registered business in your location
- Have necessary permits for import of the products you want to acquire.
- If needed a customs broker to make import possible
-  Accept minimum quantities / volume for each order

To apply for wholesale or enquiries regarding wholesale, please use our form under. We look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to apply for wholesale account

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