Zalo Dishwasher tablet 16 pieces (Oppvasktabletter)

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Since the 1950s, Norwegians have been able to trust Zalo's superior efficiency for the dishes. However, it has not been a good idea to use a drop of Zalo in the dishwasher… until now!

Zalo is now launching the new Zalo Machine Dishwasher. It was developed at Skøyen in Oslo and has, of course, like the classic variant, focused on the unique Zalo efficiency. The dishwasher tablets are very effective and give a Zalo-clean and shiny dishes. Zalo have put the Zalo power in a tablet, so that you can be sure of a good result with every wash.

In addition to efficiency, sustainability has been a goal, so the product is Nordic Ecolabelled. The box also comes in 100 percent recycled paper, is small and space-efficient, which also saves us both packaging and space during transport.

Place 1 tablet directly in the dosing chamber. Do not remove the film as it is self-dissolving.

Remove all large food debris. Never place silver and stainless steel cutlery directly in contact with each other. Wood, knives with small handles, certain types of plastic and aluminum usually do not withstand machine washing. Crystal, finer glass and porcelain with gold decoration can be washed by gentle program unless the manufacturer states otherwise.

For normal dishes: 1 tablet

For extra dirty dishes / hard water: 2 tablets

Causes serious eye irritation
Keep out of reach of children


5-15%: Oxygen-based bleaches. <5%: Nonionic Surfactants, Polycarboxylates, Enzymes, Perfume.