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Beetroot in brine 580 grams (R√łdbeter)

kr 47.30 

Nora Blueberry Jam Homemade (Bl√•b√¶r syltet√ły) 400 grams

kr 73.58 

Nora Light Orange Marmelade 550 grams (Appelsinmarmelade syltet√ły lett)

kr 75.75 

Nora Pickled Cucumber slices (sylteagurk) 580 grams

kr 47.80 

Nora Raspberry jam 400 gram (Bringeb√¶r "Hjemmelaget" syltet√ły)

kr 54.13 

Nora Raspberry jam light 540 grams (Bringeb√¶r syltet√ły lett)

kr 98.03 

Nora Sauerkraut 450 gram (Surkål)

kr 37.63 

Nora Strawberry 535 grams (Jordb√¶r syltet√ły lett)

kr 82.23 

Nora Strawberry jam 400 gram (Jordb√¶r "Hjemmelaget" syltet√ły)

kr 60.13 

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