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Caramel stars 183g (Karamellstjerner)

kr 79.90 

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Christmas figures 140g (Julefigerer)

kr 61.90 

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Christmas marzipan 38g (Julemarsipan)

kr 10.47  kr 34.90

Cuba chocolate bar ( sjokolade) 37 grams

kr 36.50 

Krokantrøffel 42 grams

kr 52.00 

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Laban santa party 350g (Nissefest)

kr 26.07  kr 86.90

Laban Sweet golden children ( søte gullunger) 200 grams

kr 51.90 

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Mini pigs 140g (SmĂĄgriser)

kr 22.47  kr 74.90

Mokkatrøffel 42 grams

kr 52.00 

Nero Chocolate with Licorice filling , Lakris( 40grams)

kr 51.90 

New energy chocolate bar 45 gram

kr 32.90 

Nidar Bamsemums chocolate covered "foam bears" 220 gram

kr 93.90 

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Nidar Chocolate eggs with milk filling (Sjokolade egg) 187 grams

kr 91.90 

watch_later Sold Out

Nidar Christmas Favorites (Jule favoritter) 340 grams

kr 116.90 

watch_later Sold Out

Nidar Christmas marzipan & milk chocolate 193 grams (Jule marsipan)

kr 32.97  kr 109.90

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