Vossakjøtt Smoked Pinnekjøtt Eldhusrøkt Ca1.8 kg (+/- 15%)

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A Gourmet Pinnekjøtt from Vossakjøtt

Price is pr. package, avarage package is 1,8 kilos. Order the amount of packages you want . Be advised that the packages may contain 1,8 kg, +/- 15%.

No unnecessary additives - here it is the original meat taste that applies. Add water for 6-8 hours, steam on a wire rack - preferably of birch sticks without bark - until the meat comes loose from the bones.
When you lighten the lid, you feel the incomparable scent that has given westerners water in their mouths for hundreds of years. Make sure it does not boil dry - and feel free to use the broth as a sauce!


Norwegian meat. For 100g finished product, 140g lamb side, salt, smoked and dried. Added: Preservative E250.

Nutritional content
Energy kcal 452.00
Kilojoule energy 1876.00
Fat 35.00
Carbohydrates 0.00
Saturated fatty acids 15.00
Protein 29.50
Salt 3.50
Sugar 0.00